The regenerative medicine treatments can be applied to athletes in the two following cases:

To rebuilt damaged tissue

Professional and amateur athletes often have injuries or lesions due to the excessive use of particular areas of their body. Our treatments are most suitable because we are able to achieve regeneration of the damaged tissue without surgery. The recovery time is very short, the athlete is not immobilized and may continue with his sport very soon after the treatment.

No additional trauma or injuries are created to the patient’s body as is the case with surgery. In addition, there is no formation of scar tissue and adhesions that may induce problems in a later time. The injured parts of the body are not removed, as this is often the case with orthopedic surgery which leaves the area weaker and disrupts the proper functioning of the body.

In contrast, with the regenerative medicine treatments we are able to rebuilt injuries using ingredients and the regeneration mechanism of the athlete’s body. As a result, after the treatment the area is anatomically complete, stronger than before being injured and immediately functional.

To maintain the body and the organism of the athlete in excellent condition

We are able to apply these treatments to athletes that are not suffering from any specific injury. We aim to grow a stronger body and help it easily surpass the stress and constant minor injuries that occur without being noticed. This contributes directly to improving the athlete’s fitness and performance and protects him from future health problems.