healthTexter iOS APP

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Having a chronic health condition? Write in your diary daily and stay focused on your treatment plan. Download now the healthTexter app for iPhone and iPad to take your health in your hands and monitor your daily progress. If you have a chronic condition you might get benefit by keeping a daily diary. The healthTexter app helps you create a habit to write in it!


  • App workflow helps you develop a habit of writing in your diary daily
  • Offers a framework to monitor your progress with app plots
  • Reliefs doctors from providing the motivation with our app notifications system
  • Unlimited entries in your diary
  • You get notified when it is most suitable for you to write
  • If you don’t like typing you can dictate your notes to the app
  • You are informed realtime on the characters remaining for your daily notes
  • You can complimentary monitor your pain, sleep and functionality daily levels and get useful weekly and monthly plots about your progress as you keep on writing day after day
  • You may view all your history in a tabular format and have your pain, sleep and functionality levels listed next to each entry for quick reference
  • You have the option as to share your existing notes with anyone you like or just export them to your phone or device.
  • If you like writing after midnight we let you adjust the time that your dairy switches to the next day

If you are a doctor and you would like your patients to keep a diary for themselves you could recommend them to use this app. It will take all the effort from you to remind them to write in their diary and they can have a printout for you with all their previous entries for consultation on their next appointment.