Athena Mavromati, MD, Anesthesiologist, 25 Dec 2010

Prolotherapy is one of the treatments that I use and is very efficient for countering acute as well as chronic pain. It belongs to the interventional techniques that I use in the Pain Clinic. It has very good results when applied to patients that have musculoskeletal system conditions of either traumatic or degenerative cause. The treatment is performed through injections of inactive pharmaceutical substance in ligaments and tendons in order to support them and consequently relief the patient from pain.

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Prolotherapy and the pain in the lower back (with or no reflection in leg) Athena Mavromati, MD, Anesthesiologist, 27 Feb 2011

Lower back pain (with or no reflection in leg) is a common problem nowadays. It can be caused by apparent causes such as bad body posture during work or in-house, accidents, degenerative lesions, following surgical operations, or even by causes that are less obvious and are closely related to the life model that contemporary humans adopt, minor injuries that are not properly evaluated, or due to earlier injuries that have been forgotten by the patient himself.

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Athena Mavromati, MD, Anesthesiologist, 02 Mar 2012

Functional pain syndromes are the conditions where the patient complains of pain and other functional disorders that are not accompanied by a corresponding lesion. Depending on the location of the main complaints enters the corresponding diagnosis. Thus, we have the irritable bowel syndrome, chronic back pain, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, tinnitus syndrome, migraine, atypical facial pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, urethral syndrome, neurogenic bladder, interstitial cystitis, chronic prostatitis, atypical chest pain, angina pectoris, and idiopathic arthritis.

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