Happy middle-aged man

A middle-aged man comes to our clinic with severe back pain and a history of three unsuccessful surgeries in the area.

The problem started fifteen years ago with severe pain in the left hip. As time goes by, the problem gets even worse. Seven years ago, he has a CT scan that shows lumbar disc herniation at L5-S1. Next, he has his first surgery for L5 laminectomy. After the surgery, the pain in the left hip remains but now he starts to have pain both to the right and the lower back. He is prescribed with antidepressant medication for a year but without any results. As he continues to be in pain, he makes use of anti-inflammatories and painkillers in large doses. A year ago, he has a second spinal fusion surgery at the L5-S1. The pain continues stronger and despite the use of anti-inflammatories they seem to offer no pain relief. Four months later he has the third surgery in order to clean up symphysis and stabilize the elements that were placed during the second surgery. However, the pain remains and he is having physiotherapy treatments that only help him temporarily.

He comes to our clinic six months after his third surgery. He has pain in the lower back, both his hips but more on the left, there is also numbness in the left thigh and a strong clamp pain in the calves. He is under excessive doses of painkillers and anti-inflammatories, hence, his liver enzymes are increased.

After careful investigation, study of the clinical and laboratory findings and ultrasound examination of the locations of the lesions which was performed in our clinic, we scheduled a treatment plan that was comprised by minimal invasive treatments with injections under ultrasound guidance, prolotherapy, trigger point injections, and Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP). Five treatments took place in a period of nine months and all of them were performed under ultrasound guidance. The PRP for was prepared in our clinic the same day with the treatment.

The patient had gradually improved and two years after the treatment remains free from pain and medication, and he is back to his life.