Happy old man

Older man with right trigeminal neuralgia.

The first episode of neuralgia occurred to this man a year and a half before coming to our clinic. Initially, the patient was examined by an ENT, he was prescribed with oral anti epileptic treatment and undergone injections with cortisone and local anesthetic without results. He continued to be in pain for the next three months and eventually the pain subsided by itself. After one year, the pain returns much stronger and is accompanied with fever. He is put to a treatment that includes antiviral and anticonvulsant medications. The pain continues, and the examining neurologist changes his medication but without results once again.

The patient comes to our clinic with severe pain in the right part of his face respectively to the second and third branch of the trigeminal nerve. He is not able to speak, drink water or even eat and he is weakened and exhausted. He is not able to sleep and his blood sugar is completely deregulated (he is a diabetic under medication).

We scheduled and performed three treatments with injections in order to release and regenerate the tissue of the nerves. The treatments were performed with pinpoint accuracy to the locations of the lesion that were identified with the aid of the ultrasound scanner. The patient has been relieved since the first treatment and was able to drink water, eat and sleep after a long time. Gradually, the pain faded completely, the patient was able to reattach his artificial denture and resumed his activities. Two years after the treatments he is free of pain and very happy with the results.