PAIN CLINIC Athena Mavromati was established in early 2001. Already from the beginning, and in order to be always able to provide excellent healthcare services we adhere to the following principles:


We are interested in restoring the health of our patients within the shortest period of time and we provide great effort so they can see their problem being resolved in a stable and systematic way. Both the precision offered by the treatments we apply, and our personalized and systematic approach, ensure effectiveness in all cases.


Every patient is different and is treated as a unique and special entity. The individual characteristics as well as the particular needs of the patient are taken into consideration during the process of the diagnosis as well in the development and implementation of the highly individualized treatment plan.


We consider providing reliable health services to our patients to be of utmost importance. We work continuously and without compromise towards this direction by using: medical methods that follow international standards, development of individualized treatment plans, clear communication with the patients, continued and self-funded education, development and ongoing evaluation of our processes to ensure quality and safety, certified materials and machinery, and constant modernization of our technical infrastructure.